The best grill bread variations!
Summertime is grill time! Are you also all happily barbecueing this summer? We love to cheer on the grill in[...]
Red Currant Cake – get the summer in the house!
Summer time is berry time! One of the wonderful summer benefits are the many berries that are now ripening! We[...]
Swiss Chard– perfect in summer salads
Isn't Swiss chard one of the most beautiful vegetables? Every year I look forward to the colorful stems of the[...]
Monday Blues – really?
Imagine it is Monday... ...And you get up in the best mood ever! Wait! Monday morning you always feel tired[...]
Acai Bowl – the dilemma!
Bye, bye flu with the magic acai bowl The flu has reached our family! Totally annoying! I haven't been knocked[...]
Pink pancakes to brighten up grey winter days
The winter is back in Munich, with crispy cold air and a lot of snow! You guys know that I[...]
Vitamin shot : freshly squeezed juices!
Freshly squeezed juices: a true vitamin shot! Monday morning. A new week is coming! To get a boost in the[...]
Sweet Potato-Carrot-Soup and Happy 2018!
2018 is here! Wow, a whole new year is ahead of us. Isn't that wonderful? Before we turn to the[...]

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