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Happy Friday and something green

I know I am repeating myself, but if the weather is grey and the days are short, we have to add color to our lives! So today we will switch from orange to green and eat some delicious green pea soup, made with coconut milk and fresh mint. I used frozen peas, due to the season and for that reason this soup was made within minutes. Seriously you can make this beautiful, yummy and healthy soup in no time. Kids usually love the sweetness of fresh green peas, and so did my oldest and my youngest son. Not the middle one though he is a tough one with vegetables. But I am not giving up, still hoping that the day will come when he also starts to love greens….(Ok, for a little 6 year old boy who is not eating any green food, this soup was probably a bit to advanced…. but it was worth a try;-)). And the rest of the family loved it! So happy Friday and add something green to your life today!

Green Pea soup with microgreens

green pea soup with mint and microgreens

green pea soup with mint and microgreens

micro greens

green pea soup with mint and microgreens


You can find the recipe here. Green kitchen stories is a beautiful blog, full of inspiring and delicious recipes! Always worth to take a look!

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